Time tracking as it should be

clementime is an easy to use online time tracking tool for freelancers and small businesses for flexible evaluation of working hours and more accurate accounting of projects. Quickly capture working hours separated by projects, services and clients. We appreciate lean and fast software that is equipped for daily use without training period and limit functions to the essential things.

Concise Reports More than just a fancy timesheet

Easily create reports of your working times tailored to your needs and recognize at a glance how busy your team is, how much of your working time can be invoiced, and which projects of which clients exceed their budget again and again. These reports can be filtered flexibly, made available to clients, or exported for further processing with third party programs.

Able to work in a team & multilingual Working in a team is far better

You can use clementime alone, in a small team or with any number of employees – you decide, whether a user is allowed to create time entries, view reports and manage projects, services or clients. Each employee can use clementime in her/his preferred language (English or German) and time zone, so that foreign colleagues can easily orient themselves and time tracking works smoothly in international teams.

Functionality without frills

clementime combines outstanding functionality with a simple, intuitive handling. Tools, which are used day by day, have to be easy, fast and intuitive to handle. As a Web application, clementime is available anytime, anywhere. And although clementime would doubtless also work with a less sophisticated and colorless interface, unreadable texts and drabness make neither you nor us happy – clementime does however.

Accessible & secure above the clouds

All data is transfered using SSL encryption and is stored in the cloud, where it’s protected against unauthorized access. At your disposal from wherever you are and safe from data crashes. Additionally, we protect your data from server failures by mirroring it on several, international servers and creating multiple daily backups.

Track your time wherever you’d like to

Always on the go? From the office, to a business lunch, to a conference, to a meeting at a client’s office – and not always carrying your notebook with you? Why not fill those spare minutes riding the subway with something productive? Put clementime in your pocket: track your time on the go – wherever you may be.

Interfaces Importing and exporting made easy

If you already use a time tracking tool, existing data can be transferred to clementime. For some providers this is done automatically via an interface, other data can easily be imported from CSV files. From clementime all existing data can be exported as JSON/CSV files.

Create a surface just as you like it

If the orange color scheme doesn’t suit you, you can customize clementime ​​to your corporate design with a few clicks. Doing so, you can change all the main colors and choose your own colors quickly using the color picker. And of course, if you don’t like your color scheme anymore, you can always revert to the original orange.

Happy Users

We’ve been working with clementime for years now and we’re still more than happy with it!
Really valuable for me, being self employed and doing a ton of things per day, in the evening, in the weekends.
I’ve been playing with clementime for 30 minutes, and I can already tell it’s going to transform my business.
Quite unlike anything I’ve used before, yet feels like something I’ve needed for a while!
If you’re a freelancer, you’re going to want this tool.