Ready to rumble? clementime says "Hello world"! (05/17/2012)

During the course of today our small but mighty time-tracking-tool opened its doors as scheduled and we're delighted to welcome you warmly to clementime. After we had looked for the perfect name and slogan for beaten 1.5 years, the domain fell more or less randomly into our hands and therefore we decided to take the already-programmed system and name it 'clementime' with the slogan "juicy time tracking".

If you already used other (online-)time-tracking-tools happily you'll love clementime – because clementime is an easy-to-use online time-tracking-tool for freelancers and small businesses for flexible evaluation of working hours and more accurate accounting of projects, which stylishly combines ease of use and functionality. Our goal is to provide you a technically highly available and easy to use platform at the best possible terms. We would like to thank you very much for your lasting confidence and wish you much joy with clementime!

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Happy Users

If you’re a freelancer, you’re going to want this tool.
Really valuable for me, being self employed and doing a ton of things per day, in the evening, in the weekends.
Tried a plethora of different time tracking systems, and without a doubt, clementime is my favorite one.
It’s simple and amazingly flexible.
Wow! Exactly what I’ve always wanted with a nice design.